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I’m Jen Van Buskirk, and that dashing gentleman in the picture is my husband, and Co-Founder of The Neat Boutique, Doug Van Buskirk.  (Also pictured: Amber, our resident CFO, Chief Fun Officer).

This journey all started back in 2013, when I first began helping people simplify their lives through home organizing.

It’s tempting to think that, as the owner of a Professional Organizing company, I’ve been super-neat my whole life.  But actually, that’s not true.

In a lot of ways, though, I think my own past challenges with staying organized have helped me reach more people, because I get it!

I know what it’s like to work a 12-hour day and come home to a space that deflates, rather than inspires.  I know what it’s like to have a to-do list so long that decluttering isn’t even close to making the cut.

But I also know how I feel when my space is in order!

The relief.  The happiness deep down inside me.  The pride of feeling like my home represents only the best parts about me.  I call it my “glow”.

And when I realized that I could give that same glow to other people through organizing, I was hooked.

Now, four years later, my husband, Doug, and I have built an extraordinary team of Organizing Stylists who love transforming clutter to “Neat-ness”.

Whether you’re looking for help organizing, or unpacking and getting settled after a move, our entire team really does feel blessed to connect with you, because we know the long-lasting difference our work can have.

With love,

Jen and Doug

Our Team


Jen Van Buskirk


Hi! :)  I’m the Co-Founder and Project Director at The Neat Boutique.  I started organizing professionally in 2013, largely because of the incredible impact organizing had on my own life and happiness.  Outside of The Neat Boutique, I serve on the Board of the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce, and also on the Board of Charleston’s Chapter of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers).


Doug Van Buskirk


Welcome!  I am The Neat Boutique's Co-Founder and Partnership Manager.  After spending 4 years in real estate, I joined Jen in her organizing business (formerly called Home Organizing By Jen) in 2016. I've always felt drawn to create a company that directly and dramatically improves people's lives, and the impact we've seen through organizing keeps me motivated every day. 

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CFO (Chief Fun Officer)

Don’t mind the messy desk ;)  At the tender age of eight years old, Amber became the youngest CFO (Chief Fun Officer) in recorded history.  She first got into organizing when she had too many puppy toys to keep track of.  That led to a marathon decluttering session and sparked her quest to have the most organized toy basket in the world.  In her free time, she loves sunning, napping, and chasing squirrels and tennis balls.