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What exactly does The Neat Boutique do?

The Neat Boutique helps you create warm, inviting, organized spaces in your home. We guide you through every step of the organization process, and customize our suggestions and approach to your personal goals.
We believe that organization impacts every area of a person’s life, and our mission is to bring order and relaxation into our clients’ lives.

What types of spaces does The Neat Boutique organize?

If it’s in your home, we can organize it!
Kitchens, Master Closets, Playrooms and Home Offices are our most popular projects, but we are able to organize any space in your home, including Garages, Bathroom, Master Bedrooms, Guest Bedrooms, Laundry Rooms, Linen Closets, Mud Rooms, Living Rooms, Great Rooms, and Outdoor Sheds.

I’m embarrassed about my space. How do I know you won’t judge me?

Everyone struggles with disorganization at some level, and it’s totally natural to be embarrassed about those spaces. As bad as your space may seem to you, though, I can guarantee that we’ve seen MUCH worse in our years of Professional Organizing…so you won’t scare us, I promise :)
Plus, we love being around people who value organization and who strive to improve their lives.
We’re inspired that you reached out for our help in this super important area of your life, and we’ll always come from a place of understanding and appreciation, not from a place of judgement :)

Will I need to be present during my organizing sessions?

There are multiple ways you can participate in the organizing.
You’re welcome to work side-by-side with us. This is usually very helpful if we’ll be doing a lot of decluttering and you’re still not sure what you’re ready to part with.
We can also work independently, based on your instructions. This is a great option if you travel a lot, or if you’re busy with work and just want your space organized.
We collaborate with you to create the action plan for your space and then we get to work on our own, without you needing to be there. We keep in touch with you via text/ phone throughout the session to get your feedback and input

Will you pressure me to throw things away?

Never. Our only purpose is to help you achieve your goals for your home. Every person and every home is different, and we’re there to guide the process of transforming your home into a place you love again!

How is your service delivered?

When you schedule an organizing session, we’ll send a team of two bright and cheerful Organizing Stylists to your home for either a half-day or a full-day of organizing!
A half day consists of 6 total organizing hours (2 Stylists for 3 hours each)
A full day consists of 12 total organizing hours (2 Stylists for 6 hours each)
More Stylists and/ or longer hours are available on request for larger projects.

Will you take items to donation and recycling for me?

We will take up to one carload of donations and recycling each time we visit your home.

How long has The Neat Boutique been in business?

We have been in organizing in Charleston for over 4 years :) In that time, we’ve worked with over 350 Charleston residents to help them get organized.
Founders Doug and Jen Van Buskirk are active in the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce, with Jen serving on the Board since 2015 and Doug serving on the Strategic Partnerships Committee.


What’s The Neat Boutique’s approach to Home Staging?

We use an 8-Step Design Process to make simple, cost-effective changes to help your home stand out to potential buyers. We focus on using the furniture and belongings that you have, rather than relying on expensive rentals.
At times, we will strategically use rental furniture or decor items to make certain spaces show better.

How much will staging increase the value of my home?

Proper home preparation and staging has been shown to increase home value by 10% or more.


What’s The Neat Boutique’s approach to Unpacking my home?

We want to help you get everything unpacked and settled properly right from the start, so your new home feels like home as quickly as possible!
With an eye for space planning and aesthetics, we’ll also create a plan to get the most beauty and function out of your new space.

Can you work with my Interior Designer to get everything set up in my new home?

Absolutely! We frequently work with Interior Designers during the moving process, and we’d be happy to chat with your designer about how we can help them implement the vision for your home!

Moving Preparation

Why would I hire The Neat Boutique to help me with Moving Preparation?

Let’s face it, moving is one of the most stressful and overwhelming experiences a person can go through. The Neat Boutique brings order, efficiency and positivity to the process.
We are invested in your happiness and we’ll do whatever’s necessary to make the moving experience as stress-free as we can.

What other home prep services can you help me with?

We can connect you with reputable service providers to help with any of the following needs:
- Deep Cleaning
- Home Repair
- Junk Hauling
- Home Inspection
- Photography and Virtual Tours
- …and more