(Part 3) "Take Action" Wednesday: Home Organizing in 15 Minutes or Less...The Kitchen Gadget Drawer!

Without fail, the kitchen drawer with all the “miscellaneous gadgets” is a breeding ground for chaos. 

I’m imagining pizza cutters, avocado slicers, garlic presses and a graveyard of Pampered Chef impulse buys that seemed like a good idea at the time. 

It’s not your fault -- how is anyone supposed to make so many oblong pieces of plastic and metal live in harmony in one measly drawer? 

Not to worry, we can turn this drawer around with some quick thinking and a hard dose of reality.  Take this challenge and you’ll find serious joy from a drawer that opens and closes without something getting stuck (#adulting!).

So here’s your “Take Action” assignment for today: The Kitchen Gadget Drawer

  1. Open the drawer, pull out all of its contents and place them on your counter.

  2. Start categorizing everything (ie. sharp gadgets such as slicers, mandolins and cutters; baking gadgets such as measuring cups/spoons, icing knife, cake server; and openers such as a can opener, wine opener, bottle opener; etc).

  3. After categorizing, you’ll probably notice where you have multiples of the same thing, or stuff in categories that you don’t even have a use for. For example, having a garlic press when you like to press your garlic manually or 3 generations of measuring spoons when you only use the one set. It’s time to evaluate what kind usage these gadgets are really getting.

    • Are you an enthusiast of cool things that do stuff, but in reality you use the same few gadgets most of the time? Or are you an avid chef and you use almost everything in this drawer? Be real with yourself and make your decisions based on your lifestyle.

  4. Set aside the items you want to donate in a bag.

  5. Place the keepers back in the drawer, maintaining the categories you’ve created. Consider putting all long items next to each other and the items you use the most easiest to access or towards the front.

  6. Finishing touches! No matter how hard you try, this drawer will get messy without some sort of organizer or divider to keep these gadgets in place. I recommend these easy-to-implement bamboo drawer dividers from Amazon. They adjust from 17.5”-22” long and are only 2” deep so I find they fit most kitchen drawers, and they look great too!

That’s it!  You now have a gadget drawer that you love AND you can find what you need in no time at all.  Be proud of your work today, you have made forward progress and that’s exciting!  

And next week, we’ll be tackling items that take up a lot of space and probably hang out in every corner of your kitchen…see you then!

Live beautifully,