(Part 2) "Take Action" Wednesday: Home Organizing in 15 Minutes or Less...Coffee Mugs!

Photo by  Caleb Miller  on  Unsplash

Ever find yourself thinking you must be running a coffee shop with all the coffee mugs you own?  Have 3 different coffee makers, just in case, finding it hard to make a decision on letting one go?  

Well you’re not alone! 

Drinking coffee is such an important part of most of our days (caffeine please!) and with that comes lots of stuff!  And I totally get it, it’s hard to let go of that broken coffee mug with your child’s face on it, or that 8-cup coffee maker that your mother-in-law insists on using when she stays with you. 

It’s not about getting rid of everything, it’s about being realistic about what your coffee-drinking needs are so you can reclaim some of that prime real estate for other things, and keep your home organized!

So here’s your “Take Action” Home Organizing assignment for today:  The Coffee Cabinet

Take this challenge and you’ll be back in control of your coffee shop side hustle in no time!  

Just a few quick steps:

  1. Pull out all the coffee mugs, I mean every single one of them from everywhere in your home. Place them all on your countertop.

  2. Categorize them by type (ie. china set, basic mugs, oversized mugs, customized mugs, etc.)

  3. Now decide what a realistic amount of mugs would be for you to have in your home, for the craziest coffee-drinking marathon you might be hosting. Write that number down.

  4. Now, instead of picking out the coffee mugs you don’t like, pick out the “must-haves”. Using the number you wrote down, I want you to set aside that many of your favorites.

  5. Now it’s time to evaluate. Is there a coffee mug that didn’t make the cut that will keep you up at night if you donate? Can you trade it in and trade another one out? Think about why these coffee mugs mean so much to you to help you understand the emotions behind it. Make a few adjustments as needed, and then feel confident in your choices!

  6. Place the “well-loved’ coffee mugs to donate in a box and put them in your car ready to meet their new owner.

  7. Put all your favs back in your coffee cabinet, with the ones you use the most easiest to access.

  8. Feel like you can maximize your cabinet space even more? Think about using this awesome (and beautiful) space saver! It comes in small, medium and large :)

Congrats!  I know this was a surprisingly difficult assignment, but it will make a huge impact on how you experience your morning cup of joe, just wait :)  You’re on a roll and are making huge waves in decluttering and organizing your home, one space at a time!   

And next week, we’ll be focusing on a drawer (or 2) in the kitchen that probably gets on your last nerve…see you then!

Live beautifully,