"Take Action" Wednesday: Home Organizing in 15 Minutes or Less...The Kitchen Junk Drawer!


Every time I’m helping a client organize their home, I’m amazed at how much we can get done in just 15 minutes.  It’s all about making forward progress!  Added up over time, you will have made huge waves in reaching your #homegoals and you will feel so much lighter and in control.  

Let’s do this!!    

So here’s your “Take Action” organizing assignment for today:  The Junk Drawer

This is one of the most common “waste of space” areas I see in clients’ homes.  It is called a junk drawer after all :)  It’s also the quickest fix and the final result is oh-so-sweet!  

Just a Few Quick Steps:

  1. Take a “Before Photo” so you can remember what it used to look like :)

  2. Dump everything out onto the counter

  3. Sort everything by category (electronics/cords, office supplies, hardware, tools, money, etc.)

  4. Decide what you want to keep in this drawer. You might consider using this drawer for essential office supplies, essential tools, sunglasses and other frequently used items. Whatever you decide, create an intentional plan that takes into account your family’s lifestyle and what actually needs to be in this drawer vs. what can be put away in it’s actual home. For example, a screwdriver and tape measure might make sense in this drawer, but not specialty tools that are rarely used.

  5. Trash the junk and relocate the stuff that won’t reside in the drawer to its home elsewhere in the house.

  6. Purchase a drawer organizer (if needed) to keep everything in it’s place. I love using these from Amazon or something similar will do! It takes 2 minutes to order, so easy!

  7. Give the tour! Make sure your whole family knows the plan and reward them when they put things back.

  8. Take your “After Photo”!

Now enjoy your freshly organized junk drawer, way to take action today!  Be proud and excited of your forward momentum.  And if you’re in love with your final result, I wanna see the photos!  Just reply to this email :)

And next week, we’ll be focusing on an item in your kitchen that tends to take over without us even realizing it…see you then!  

Live beautifully,