Lifestyle Based Nutrition with Madison Khanna

Welcome to the very first of my Interview Series with some amazing female experts around Charleston, discussing unique and holistic approaches to living a happy, healthy and low-stress lifestyle!    

Today I'm excited to share my recent interview with certified nutrition and wellness consultant Madison Khanna of Appetit Nutrition.  We met at an event for Female Entrepreneurs and I was immediately blown away by her passion and expertise.  We cover topics such as Lifestyle Based Nutrition, getting your kids to eat healthy, improving your environment for overall health and some exciting upcoming events!  Enjoy :)

Jen: What inspired you to go into this profession?

Madison: Food has always been an excitement in life for me, but my mindset changed at the age of 16 when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s/Colitis. After several years of taking the medication prescribed by doctors, I decided to turn completely to nutrition, carefully managing my diet and exercise.   

I continued to play lacrosse at a high level from the time I was diagnosed, and went on to play Division I lacrosse at Johns Hopkins University.  Through many trials and errors, I discovered what foods nourished my body and made me feel energized and strong.  By consistently giving my body the correct nutrition through whole foods and the necessary vitamins and minerals, my body healed, and I am now thriving while in remission from the disease.

As I continue my own journey of health and wellness, I find passion and value in helping others understand their own bodies and the nutrition they need to live a healthier and fulfilled life.  

Jen: What is lifestyle based nutrition?

Madison: Lifestyle based nutrition is a holistic approach to nourishing your body.  Beyond the food we put into our bodies, there are many other factors that influence our overall wellness.  If we understand how everything is connected, we can better prepare ourselves for creating more balance and lasting changes.

We are fed by not just what we put on our plates each day, but by other areas in our life that “feed” us.  These are what I call Core Foods. Core Foods can nourish us just as much as food can. They satisfy us internally at our core and provide energy on a deeper level. If you have ever felt depressed or sad and turned to food as a comfort, it is easy to understand how food can feed us both emotionally and physically. 

Whenever there is an imbalance with your Core Foods in life, there is usually an equal and opposite imbalance with the food that you are eating. Core Foods are just one reason why health in all areas of our life is essential for living a balanced life. Consider the following areas of your life: your career, relationships, physical activity, spirituality, life speed, personal environment and your nutrition. 

Jen: What are the components to a healthy and nutritious lifestyle?


  1. Nutrition - Are you nourishing your body with whole foods to get enough macro and micro nutrients in a day?

  2. Career - Do you have meaningful work that inspires you and fulfills your unique purpose?

  3. Relationships – Do you have loving relationships that allow you to connect with others?

  4. Physical Activity – Are exercise and movement part of your life; do you have an activity you enjoy?

  5. Spirituality – Do you make time for prayer, meditation, or a spiritual practice?

  6. Life Speed – Is the pace of your life so busy that you feel out of control or can never relax?

  7. Personal Environment- Is your surrounding space organized, clean and pleasant?

Jen: How do you feel that your environment affects your health and nutrition?

Madison: The environment in which you live in greatly affects your health and nutrition.  There have been many studies done on the significance of a clean, organized, livable environment linked to the types of food we are putting into our bodies and how much of it we are eating.  When you live in a cluttered space you have the feeling of being out of control and helpless which increases your stress levels.  When you have these feelings or your stress levels increases, your hormone levels increase which then leads to emotional eating and overeating.  When you are emotional eating, eating because you are sad, stressed, unhappy, etc., you usually are eating those unhealthy “feel good” foods like cookies, chips, ice cream, and candy.  This leads to weight gain, more stress, more cravings and a viscous mental battle. 

Jen: What are 4 easy ways you can adjust your environment to improve your health?


  1. Reduce the Clutter - Visual “noise” enhances stress or causes you to feel worried, helpless and out of control. A cluttered kitchen and home can cause us to overeat because once stress increases, your hormone levels increase and usually results in overeating.

  2. Delight Your Senses - Pick colors that are visually appealing, add artwork you like, play music you enjoy, and light candles with a nice scent or get a diffuser to disperse essential oils you find appealing.

  3. Bring Nature In - Studies show that contact with nature can significantly reduce stress, anger and fear. By adding indoor plants to your home, you will increase happiness, mood and pleasant feelings.

  4. Enhance the Light - Natural light is proven to improve your mood, lower fatigue and reduce eyestrain. Natural light is so beneficial for your health in many ways.

Jen: How can you start teaching kids about nutrition at a young age?


  1. Cook with your kids is my number one advice. When you make cooking a fun activity, but still make healthy meals, kids start to appreciate what they are eating and they feel proud and accomplished that they were part of making it.

  2. Talk about the importance of eating a healthy and nutritious diet. Start off with simple, basic nutrition guidelines that are easy for children to remember, such as always starting your day with a healthy breakfast, drinking a lot of water, eating the rainbow, talking about portion sizes, etc.

  3. Encourage them to try new foods. Children can be picky eaters, but that will not change until they expand their tastes and try new foods. This will help them discover what they like.

  4. Keep healthy snacks on hand. Having healthy snacks on hand is a good way to make sure your child is getting the nutrients they need throughout the day.

Jen: What are the biggest challenges you see moms with young kids having to maintain a healthy lifestyle and what’s your advice to help them to overcome it?


  1. Time Management - Being a mom can be stressful, hectic and unpredictable. Time management is a big challenge a lot of mothers have just because they don’t always know what is going to happen on any given day. My biggest advice to them is to PLAN. Planning can save you time, energy and money in the long run. It may seem stressful to plan for the week on Sunday, but trust me it will make your life much easier when you have babies or kiddos running around. Planning will help you manage your time better and help you feel more organized, energized and stress-free. Plan your meals for the week, any events you may have and make your To Do list, so you can stay on top of things in the house.

  2. Persistency - Staying persistent with feeding your child healthy nutritious foods is crucial to keeping them healthy. Keeping their diet full of whole foods packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals is key. Many times, children say they don’t like the food, so parents will give in and give their child what they want. Studies show that it takes up to seven times for children to actually start liking certain types of foods. Staying persistent with giving your child healthy nutritious foods is very important to their overall lifestyle and will benefit them in the long run.

Jen: What are your upcoming events and programs?

7-Day Awakening Spring Cleanse:  A cleanse designed to build a foundation for healthier habits.  

When: May 21-27, 2018

Where: From the comfort of your home (online)  

Spring is upon us and it is that time of the year when we all want to feel refreshed, awaken our bodies and get our booties ready for those summer beach days!  Join me for an amazing 7-day cleanse where we will awaken the body by getting back to the basics.  Knowing what to put in our bodies can be overwhelming with never-ending fad diets and continuously evolving health trends.  I'm going to help guide you on a seven-day plan that will create healthier habits leading to lasting changes. 

This cleanse is designed to help you feel better, have more energy and feel confident in your own body by eliminating toxins, improving circulation and refueling the body with a ton of healthy nutrients.  This will happen by being mindful of what you are putting into your body and aware of how you feel after.  It is more about adding in cleansing foods that will flush out the toxins in your body rather than depriving yourself.    

I love cleansing, but it should not be a quick fix to drop a couple pounds. Trust me, I have been there before.  When you detox your body by depriving yourself, you will most likely revert to the same behaviors and habits before the cleanse.  Instead of the "yoyo" dieting effect, we want to lay a foundation for long term healthy habits. While you will most likely drop a couple pounds and tighten up after this cleanse, you will also have so much energy, feel refreshed and have less cravings.  You will crave this feeling and continue building your healthier habits you will learn during the 7-Day Awakening Spring Cleanse. 

Love Yourself, Love your Body

When: May 28, 2018 2-4pm

Where: Soul Yoga + Wellness

In this beautiful and empowering 2-hour yoga + nutrition workshop, Christine Wall (200 RYT and yoga coach for Journey into Self) and Madison Khanna (certified nutrition consultant for Appètit) will share how you can love yourself and your body more through the everyday choices you make.

On the mat, we will explore supportive, nurturing, and empowering yoga poses, breath work, and positive affirmations as tools to consciously cultivate an expression of love, kindness, and greater acceptance towards yourself.

Following the class, you will fuel and love your body more with a delicious and healthy smoothie prepared Madison Khanna Certified Nutrition Consultant for Appètit while she shares tips on how to be more aware and more mindful with what you choose to put in your body.

Jen: If one of our clients are interested in your help, what is the best way to contact you?

Call me at 843.277.4654 or email 

My website is to check out my programs and services.  

I offer a 30-minute FREE Energy Boosting Clarity Consultation to go over any wellness or nutrition goals/challenges you may have and figure out where to go from there.