The F.A.T Approach to Keeping Your Office Organized

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The tornado warning on my phone was wailing, as my husband and I rushed to prepare a space in the closet.  We were hunkered down for Hurricane Irma and preparing for the worst.  Right at that moment, I realized I needed to protect our most important paperwork, but unfortunately, it wasn’t all in one place.  Around and around the house I went, grabbing all the essential paperwork.

I had a lot of time to think while we were taking shelter in the closet, and I realized how much easier it would be if I had an “Emergency” file so I could grab everything at a moment’s notice.

This leads me to home office organization, which can easily turn into a dump zone if we’re not careful.  Papers start to pile up and take on a life of their own.  Cords and gadgets fill the drawers.   And we won’t even get started on the closet in there ;)

Personally, this is my most neglected room simply because it is a constant ongoing project. Papers and documents come into your home daily, whether it is through the mail, kids bringing it home from school or you bringing it home from work.

The home office often takes the most time to organize, mostly because of all the sensitive documents that require through examination. My favorite approach to tackling this space is the F.A.T. acronym (File/Act/Toss).

Keeping what you need and discarding the rest will help keep your desk and files organized.

Why is this so important?  There are many important documents that need to be filed yet still accessible. A quick reference file system is a great way to manage your important papers.

In an emergency situation (like Hurricane Irma), knowing where to find your insurance information is key.   And how about tax season?  Having all your key documents organized in one place gives some much needed relief during tax time!

Since home office organization is something that requires detailed planning and ongoing attention, it may be a smart idea to delegate this to a professional organizer. 

We’d love to help you implement a organizing approach that makes the most of your office space and gives you a straightforward filing system that’s easy to maintain!

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