Our Philosophy


Our philosophy on home organizing is simple, yet far-reaching:

You have the power to impact your family’s future by simplifying your home environment so everyone feels happy, connected and empowered.

We all know this to be true…

Happy people are better spouses.  They’re better parents.  They’re more successful professionally.  They perform better in school and sports.  And, maybe most importantly, they appreciate and love themselves, which is contagious to the people around them.

Think of your own life or the lives of people close to you.  When they’re truly happy, aren’t they the best version of themselves?

But no one is at their best in a cluttered, chaotic environment.

Typically that chaos in a disorganized home tells us a story about everything we’re not doing, all the ways we’re falling short, all the ways we’re not good enough.  Not exactly the kind of reminders and self-talk that create a happy home.

Home organization is the practice of creating and maintaining an environment that works with your family’s unique lifestyle and personalities so that everyone feels happier, more connected and empowered to do great things in the world.

Remember, organization is a lifestyle, not an event.  It requires ongoing reflection, self-awareness, planning and a commitment to sticking to the plan, because you know how important it is to the long-term well-being of your family.

Once you decide to get organized, we work through an extensive preliminary assessment before we get started on your spaces.  Simply straightening up or purging a lot of items won’t fix the problem.

We’re committed to completely understanding the dynamic in your household, and the challenges you want to work through, and creating a system completely tailored to you and your family.  In that way, we give you a lifelong system, not just a quick fix.

By doing that, we can achieve our goal of bringing positivity and peace of mind into more families’ lives through organizing.