Organizing Insights:

Rome Didn't Get Organized in a Day! 

And I didn't eat that whole pizza in just one bite ;-) 

Large projects oftentimes need to be broken down into smaller tasks or steps, otherwise the whole project can seem daunting and overwhelming! 

I love organizing, but it’s still not easy to fit into my personal time when I'm at home.  Especially if I'm waiting until I have the several hours it will take to do an entire large organizing project all at once.  I'm way more likely to make an excuse and avoid the project completely. 

Alternatively, if I break down the project into 3 areas or 3 steps, I can spread out the organizing over several days without feeling like it's totally taking over my life. 

Take Action!

•  Think about an organizing project that's on the top of your list. 

•  Write down each of the steps that need to be done to get organized in that space

•  Batch those steps together based on how long you would like to work on this project each day. (For example, you can complete 3 x 20-minute steps in a one-hour session).

•  Finally, mark your calendar for the days you're going to do this work and stick to your commitment for organizing!

That’s it!  Taking action is so important and give you a feeling of accomplishment.  Good luck and email to share your successes!