If Only I Had…

How often do you take time to pump yourself up about the everyday victories in your life?

At the end of August, Doug and I hosted our first get together at the open-air cabana at our apartment complex.  We had wine, charcuterie and a bunch of friends- three of my favorite things!

Crazy as it sounds, this was a huge milestone for me.  If you ask Doug, he’ll tell you all about my weekly proclamations that we’re going to start hosting more.  But up until now, it never happens.  We’re either traveling, working, or booked up with other stuff.

So as I celebrated this “win” in my mind, it got me thinking about how many other small victories like this I fail to notice and appreciate.

As part of a personal growth course I’m taking, I recently watched an amazing presentation by an English lady named Marisa Peer called “I Am Enough”. 

Her message has pushed me to focus on paying attention to the things I’m doing great instead of focusing all my energy on the things I haven’t done. 

The main point she makes is that so many of us think of ourselves as lacking or incomplete.  We repeat stories to ourselves about what we haven’t done or all the shortcomings we think we have. 

“If only I had…” 

“If only I felt…”

“If only I acted…”

When we think we’re incomplete or lacking, we tend to look outside ourselves for peace and happiness.  We think buying more stuff or seeking recognition from others is going to fill in the gap.  In my experience, it never does.

In many ways, we spend so much energy giving love out to the world that we don’t save any for ourselves. 

Isn’t that ironic?  Because the more love and appreciation we give ourselves, for the small stuff, the more we have to give out to the world.

I think this is an important lesson to map onto how you feel in and about organizing your home.

There’s always going to be more to do.  There’s always going to be stuff to get rid of.  Always going to spaces that need be organized or decluttered.  But don’t let that overshadow the progress you are making.

Give yourself permission to enjoy the moment.  Use that to inspire your next move. 

Believing “I Am Enough” isn’t a license for complacency in areas of life that you want to grow.  But it is giving yourself permission to focus and appreciate on all the great things you’re doing and the great things you’ve done.

So you know what, I might not have done everything perfectly on my first shot at the charcuterie party, but who cares?  I did wait almost six months after moving in before I hosted a group of friends.  So what?  I’m moving in the right direction and that’s all that matters :)

Happy lives are made up of all our wins and everything positive that we are, not all the places we think we fall short.

So I ask you, what’s your “charcuterie party”?  What’s one or two wins you’ve had recently that you might not have fully appreciated? 

If you and I have worked together on home organizing recently, that’s definitely a good place to focus because of the impact it’s surely had.  If not, I’m sure you’ll easily think of overlooked victories.  Because once you put your focus in that direction, you’ll be amazed how many things come to mind.

Have a great September!



P.S. If you’d like to watch the entire talk, it’s free on Youtube.  Just search “Marisa Peer- I Am Enough”.