Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy May, and soon to be Mother’s Day :)

In that spirit, I want to thank Lowcountry Parent Magazine for naming us the Winner of their 2017 Mom’s Choice Award for Best Professional Organizing company!

We’re humbled by each bit of recognition we receive, but this one is particularly meaningful. 

There’s a special place in my heart for Moms who just have too much on their plate to keep up with household organization.

Working with these women makes me feel like I’m contributing something deeper than just organizing “stuff”. 

I feel like I’m freeing up their family to all be more connected, and to be better versions of themselves because they aren’t so stressed out by chaos in the home.

Those are the projects where I leave for the day worn out, but smiling from ear to ear. 

Last week, I told you about the UCLA study finding that clutter causes a rise in the release of stress hormones in parents AND kids.

Well, we’ve got the opportunity to change that, and I think about that every time I arrive for a session.

With Mother’s Day coming up so soon, it makes me think back to my own Mom, who worked (and still works) as a nurse in Columbus, OH. 

She worked the craziest hours and gave everything she had and more, so that my brother and I could have an easier life than she had growing up. 

I think back now and see that she was overworked and under-appreciated.

In many ways, that seems synonymous with the moms we work with. 

One of the common calls we get is from Moms who are juggling a million things and just need some relief. 

The mess, the chaos…it makes them feel bad about themselves as mothers.  Understandable but not fair. 

We know that the moment a Mom asks for help, it’s empowering, not defeating. 

Everyone else gets to delegate.  Why not her?!?  She’s simply saying to herself, “I have too much other important stuff to do and this just doesn’t make the cut”.

We appreciate these Moms who reach out to us, vulnerable and eager for help.  And it feels incredible to know they appreciate us back :)

So thank you to my Mom, and to every Mom, for the love and sacrifice you put into the world.