Proper Organization to Bring Out the Best in Your Kitchen

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One of our Lead Organizing Stylists recently moved from a two-bedroom apartment to a five-bedroom house, after months of house hunting.  As happens pretty frequently, she and her husband ended up choosing the home with the biggest kitchen since two of her top priorities were having a properly-sized pantry and enough counter space to prepare dinner for the whole family (and guests!).

But no matter how big or small your space is, using tried-and-true organizing methods in the kitchen will make it feel like the heart of your home and a place that brings out the best in you.

Here’s a situation we see playing out with many of our clients:

After living in the home for a few years, they realize the kitchen is no longer functioning for their family. The pantry is overflowing, there isn’t enough room for meal prep, and the coffee station is chaotic enough to make you want to crawl right back into bed every morning.

But no, it’s not time to move, it is time to get organized!

Start by making a list of the things you do most in your kitchen. This may seem silly but it is not the same for everyone. Different people need more space for meal prepping, entertaining, packing school lunches, baking, etc.   You want a space that’s designed for how you function!

Also, it’s important to know which kitchen tools and equipment you use the most so you can organize your kitchen accordingly.

For example, do you have a waffle iron you have yet to use ,that Aunt Sue gave you three years ago? Donate it, create room for the items you love and use often.

Do you have a George Foreman grill that you use only sometimes, and you want to keep?  Make sure it’s in a place that’s accessible, but not front and center, since you’ll want to save your “prime real estate” for the most frequently used items.

We want to apply the “work smarter, not harder” strategy to the layout of your kitchen as well.  Wherever possible, try to make a “home” for items near to where you use them. 

Put your dishes close to your stove to better assist when it is time to serve dinner. Your silverware should be in the drawer below the dishes. Your glasses should be close to the fridge for ease when getting a beverage. If your pantry holds the kids snacks for school have the Ziploc bags in the draw closest to the pantry.

Having an organized kitchen will completely change the way you experience your home.  But for many parents, there’s just no time to get the kitchen organized, or figure out systems the whole family will follow to maintain the work.

The Neat Boutique specializes in organizing kitchens and pantries, and we’d love to talk to you about helping to transform your space!  If you’d like more information about how we can help, please give us a call at 843-284-6866 or send an email to

If you are a busy parent who just can’t fathom organizing the cupboards alone, don’t worry we are here to help. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to work with us, we will go in, work our magic and leave you a comprehensive list of any relocated items. Your kitchen can be your family's favorite room again.