Mom’s Sanctuary - An Organized Bathroom


I have a lot of friends who are moms.  I’m not personally a mom quite yet, but I can see how tough it is for them to even get 5 minutes to themselves.  My friends know the bathroom is often the only room in the house they have a chance to be alone (although even that isn’t always possible :-/

So, as a Mom, it’s really important that your bathroom makes you feel serene and peaceful! Revamping your bathroom doesn’t have to be a $10,000 renovation extravaganza.  Really, you’ll be amazed what can be accomplished with a little time, creativity and some home organizing solutions.

So grab your glass of wine, put your feet up, after the kids are asleep of course, and let our team do the work.  We know how hard it is to find extra time as a Mom, so not only do we do the organizing, but we can also handle the shopping and implementing of your new organizing solutions that will turn your bathroom into the place where you can re-charge.

Some of my favorite organizing solutions can be found at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Personally, I love having clean countertops. A great way to have all your makeup accessible but not all over the place, is by using an acrylic countertop makeup organizer. You can see everything you have but it is all tucked into cubbies and drawers. I also love the under cabinet pull out storage. It not only gives you additional levels of storage under your cabinets but it allows ease access by having a pull of drawer for items that you use daily.

Having a designated place for toothbrushes and toothpaste helps minimize the germs they can collect by just laying them on the countertop. Purchase a toothbrush holder or a drawer insert to hold each member of the family’s toothbrush and paste.

If you have a vanity you sit at when getting ready, we’ll make sure you have a comfortable chair or bench to sit on.  But if you stand and do your hair and makeup like me, consider getting a memory foam rug for added comfort.

Professional Organizer Tip:: Old make up is bad for your skin. We all know how expensive make up is and that is why we hang on to it for longer than we should. Do your skin a favor and toss it! Cleaning your make up brushes once a month also helps minimize the oil and bacteria build up. Your skin will be healthier and your vanity less cluttered.

Lastly, add something that makes you smile, a picture of you and your significant other on vacation, your favorite flowers, or a scented candle. This will help the room become a place you will want to have your five minutes of alone time in every day.

If you’d like to talk about revamping your bathroom, we’d love to help!  Just give us a call at 843-284-6866 or send me an email to to set up a time to chat :)